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Blacksmithing Experience Day

blacksmith course

Our Blacksmithing Courses, are designed to give you an introduction in to the ancient craft of blacksmithing, You will get to spend the day at the forge learning the basic techniques that will equip you with the basic skills to carry on forging.

The day will be spent at the anvil working with hot steel, sparks and fire. Over the day we will cover the basics of ; Forging, Forming, Bending and Joining which makes up the fundamental skills that have been used by blacksmiths for thousands of years.


Tool Making Course

The Tool Making Course is designed for people who have a little previouse expeince with forging. The course will cover the tools used in the forge and most importatly how to make them

The two days will be spent forging your own; Tongs, Hand tools like chisels, punches, drifts and hardie tools as well as a look at the biggger toys used in modern production.

2 Day Course £150

Bespoke Project Days


Always wanted to make your own scuplture? or got a project in mind and want to make it your self with a little help from the profesionals.

The Project day is the perfect course, with no set schedule we will spend some time discussing your project and figure out how to turn your drawings / concepts in to real items. Then you will be let loose to forge, weld, fabricate and craft your concept with experienced craftsmen on hand to help you along the way.

Project size restrictions apply for full details please get in touch prior to booking.

2 Day Course £150